We currently offer over 50 courses for Post 16 study, covering a wide range of interests, specific details of each can be viewed on the A-Z course pages. This number, and the qualifications on offer, is subject to change dependent on student uptake and class size viability.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of courses for our students, which are tailored to their individual needs and future pathways. These include traditional A levels, vocational qualifications such as BTECs and Cambridge Technical, and a transitional programme of specialised vocational subjects. We also offer GCSE English and Maths for those students that have not yet obtained a grade 4 or above.

We have three study programmes that our students embark upon:

  1. Academic. Students study 3/4 A Levels.  Students require five GCSEs at grades 5 – 9 as well as specific entry requirements for each individual subject (usually Grade 6 in the subjects chosen to study) outlined in the CLF Post 16 prospectus and on the individual subject pages.
  2. Academic/Vocational. Students study three subjects, which are a combination of academic and vocational subjects.  Students require five GCSEs at grades 5 – 9 as well as specific entry requirements for each individual subject, which are outlined on every course page.
  3. Transition. Students that have not yet achieved the grades necessary to study the options outlined above, instead embark on a programme of full time study of one of our Level 2 or 3 transition qualifications, alongside GCSE English and/or Maths (if required). Many of those students on the Level 3 qualifications go on to achieve the equivalent of either two or three A level qualifications, giving them the opportunity to apply to university if they wish to.

The CLF Post 16 transition programme is aimed at students that have not achieved five GCSEs at grades 5 – 9. They will have the opportunity to study one of five subjects as a full time course in addition to re-sitting GCSE English and/or Maths if necessary. This programme of study also includes a Work experience element to support future career aspirations.

In order to ensure that our students are receiving the best support possible, we have taken the decision to organise our subjects by pathways:

  1. Social Sciences
  2. Creative & Enterprise
  3. STEM

This means that similar groups of subjects are grouped together and, where possible, students have an academic mentor that teaches one of their subjects, which allows for additional support and intervention.

This also allows us to tailor our careers, information and guidance sessions so that students in each of the three pathways receive access to the most appropriate support to help with their next steps when they leave us.

We allocate students to a pathway based on their subject choices.  We do this to ensure that students are able to build strong and consistent relationships with staff.

The Post 16 site you will be taught at will be decided once we know which teacher will be delivering this course. You will then be allocated a classroom at that centre. The link bus will support you to move you between sites.

We currently have approximately 400 students enrolled at CLF Post 16.

This varies depending on subject but typically, students can expect class sizes between 10 and 20.

All students are allocated an academic mentor, whom they will see once in the week and will support them with both academic progress and their career pathways as well as any other concerns throughout their time with us. Beyond this, there is a wider support network, which includes experienced Heads of College and Heads of Post 16 for each Pathway and learning support assistants.

The SEND team will support all students with extra needs. Individual support is provided within lessons and during study sessions.

We have Heads of College located at each site who are all experienced and adept at providing support for all CLF Post 16 students, no matter what their home academy or pathway.

CLF Post 16 runs a dedicated UCAS programme through our team of academic mentors. Assistance is provided at every stage of the journey from advice on identifying the correct course choice to developing a perfect personal statement. Heads of Post 16 have many years of experience in this field and check all applications as well as supporting students with any more complex queries.

We are committed to ensuring that all students are fully supported in their progression from CLF Post 16 and recognize that university is not appropriate for everybody. We provide guidance on apprenticeships and employment opportunities as well as offering opportunities to attend careers fairs. In addition to this, all students have access to an experienced careers guidance counselor, who can support them in identifying the most appropriate pathway.

Yes, all students can apply for a discretionary award called the Bursary. This fund provides financial support for students who are within the assessment bands. It could be a weekly amount or support for educational resources such as books or university visits.

It is compulsory to attend every session that is on your timetable as a directed session. This is subject sessions, Academic mentor session, careers, and guidance sessions. This is to the 18 sessions per week. The rest of the time can be independent study at home or at either centre.

All CLF Post 16 students have access to a range of enrichment activities and opportunities to participate in enhanced learning schemes. These include sports teams, volunteering opportunities, university programmes and outside agencies including the National Citizenship Service and Envision. These opportunities are designed to develop students away from the confines of the curriculum and give them the best possible chance of success when applying for university, an apprenticeship, gap year or job. We also support our students to do volunteering and work experience.

We are committed to supporting our students’ travel arrangements and as such, run a free shuttle bus between the two academies. These buses travel before morning lessons, at lunchtime and at the end of the academy day. They stop outside each academy entrance. Journeys between BBA and JCA take approximately 10 minutes.

Heads of College are available in both Post 16 centres to talk to.  Additionally, all members of the Post 16 leadership team are on hand – Kath Cooper, Matt Elliott, Lyndsey Sheardown, Matt Randle and David Williams.

Alternatively, please email your enquiry to admissions@clfpost16.org