How to Apply

Thank you for choosing to apply to the Cabot Learning Federation Post 16. We look forward to having you join our vibrant student community! 

Please read the information below before completing your application. 

  • Please ensure you spell everything correctly. We will need to use the email address and postal address to contact you throughout the application process.¬†
  • Please provide an external email address (not¬†a¬†school¬†email) as we may contact you outside of school times, especially after you have completed your GCSEs.¬†
  • Please ensure this email address is capable of receiving emails (i.e. not full) and that you check it regularly.¬†
  • Please check the subjects you want to study against the Curriculum Blocks.¬†You can only choose one subject from any column, up to a maximum of four A level subjects.¬†
  • For more information about¬†each course¬†entry¬†requirements¬†and assessment process, please refer to the course pages.

A Level Courses

Students applying for the A Level route will need to have attained five GCSEs Grade 4 Р9 (with Grade 6 in the chosen A Levels or relevant subjects) including English & Maths. 

Hybrid Courses

Students can choose A levels and BTEC vocational courses together, to a maximum of four subjects. 

Vocational Learning/Transitional Curriculum

Students should choose ONE subject specialist pathway from the vocational table. Any student who does not meet the accepted criteria for GCSE Maths & English (grade 4) will also be required to study and retake these exams. 

This pathway is a full-time course and involves subject specialism, pastoral mentoring, employability skills and work experience.  

Begin your application

What happens next?

  • We would like everyone to have a guidance meeting with us to discuss your aspirations and options, and to make sure that the subject choices support you in this. If you have not had one, please email¬†¬†and we will arrange one for you.¬†
  • You will receive an automatic¬†email¬†acknowledgement of your online application.¬†¬†
  • We will process your application and issue a letter (by email) confirming whether we are offering you a conditional place to study with us. The offer is dependent on you achieving the necessary entry requirements.¬†¬†
  • You will need to accept or decline this place with us¬†by the requested deadline date.¬†
  • Some courses¬†may be undersubscribed therefore not viable for us to run them.¬†Decisions about whether the¬†course runs are¬†made¬†once acceptance of places are received.¬†
  • We will be in touch over the following weeks and months with information about open days, taster sessions and other opportunities¬†to learn more about CLF Post 16 and begin becoming part of¬†our exciting¬†student community.¬†
  • Please check your emails regularly to ensure you do not miss out on important information regarding your application and the enrolment process


Enrolment takes place from 24th August 2018 Р3rd September, once you have received your GCSE examination results. You must be available to enrol with us from this date in order to secure your place. We will issue information and guidance about this nearer the time.  

If your‚ÄĮresults turn out to be different from what you expected, don‚Äôt‚ÄĮworry,¬†you can still come to the enrolment day and we will discuss your¬†options¬†with you to ensure we can¬†provide a suitable course and¬†support you in the best way possible in achieving your goals.¬†¬†


Q¬†–¬†If I apply online and then change my mind about the subjects I want to study, what should I do?¬†

Please check that the new subject fits in the curriculum blocks like you did when you applied. Please¬†email any subject changes to‚ÄĮ¬†and we will confirm if this request is acceptable.¬†

Please ensure you include your full name, date of birth, the subjects you would like to drop and the new ones you would like to take. Please do not submit a new application to change your subject choices. 

Q¬†–¬†If I apply online and then change my telephone number / address / email etc, what should I do?¬†

Please¬†email¬†your new details to¬†¬†It’s¬†really¬†important¬†that¬†we have up to date records of your contact details¬†otherwise you may miss out on vital information about your application and enrolment.¬†

Q –¬†What if I decide I would prefer to study at another Post 16 provider?¬†

Please email your decision to decline your place to, including your full name and date of birth. We will remove you from our distribution lists and put your application into reserve. If you change your mind once you have your exam results we will welcome you to our enrolment day to meet with the team to look at reinstating your application.