Community Languages

AS and A2 Levels


As a community languages student, you can be entered for exams in most languages for which the UK has specification. E.g. Bengali, Chinese, Hebrew, Italian, Punjabi, Polish, Spanish, Arabic, French, German and Urdu.
Support from the CLF will be in the form of tutoring in small groups. We are able to also provide textbooks and other resources via this scheme. Please note that students will need to complete much of the work required independently, though CLF Post 16 will always endeavour to support this type of study.


As a student of Community Languages, you will play an active role in the world in which you live and master a community language. Culturally, you will form and express opinions, but also be able to understand those of others and from where their viewpoints arise. By providing an immersive language that evokes passion, cultural awareness and communication skills, it will allow you to access the wider world. The course will help to create learners that are resilient, open-minded, empowered to communicate in reading, listening, writing, translation and speaking with self-agency.


Community languages can support a multitude of different progression routes, from university and further education courses to working abroad. Consider languages as supplementary and an enhancement to all other careers.


Journalist; interpreter; publisher; teacher; translator; tour guide; diplomat; banker; buyer; job in industry.

Additional Entry Requirements

Fluency in additional language.


Previous external exams plus teacher marked/externally moderated coursework.

Opportunities for work related activities

University visits.