Computer Science

A Level


Qualification Type

A Level

Additional Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in Computing or relevant qualifications.
Grade 5 in Mathematics minimum.


The full A-Level is assessed at the end of the second year, your final grade will be based on two examinations, contributing 80% to your marks, and coursework contributing 20% of the grade.

Opportunities for Work Related Activities

Visit the National Computing Museum, Develop software for real end users, create apps that you can sell for yourself, network with Computer Science Professionals.
Program a computer like a professional. Understand the development of software and the underpinnings of the modern world we live in. Develop Apps and become a true citizen of the 21st century.

Course Overview

Year 1

Study an amazing array of concepts, from basic introductions to how computer systems work, to looking at binary and the basic constructs of programming. Start to learn how to program and the key concepts to enable you to build computer programs to solve problems in the real world.

Year 2

Develop and enhance your programming skills in object oriented programming languages like Java in order to be able to create your own piece of software of your choice. In developing the software you will demonstrate a number of key programming skills and concepts all whilst building an app, website or other executable program.


BSc Computer science; games development; systems analysis and any computer science related qualification apprenticeship in industry.


Programmer; games developer; systems admin; systems analyst; software developer; app developer; hardware designer.