Applied Biology BTEC

The science industry in the UK is currently expanding and there is a huge demand for individuals who have scientific knowledge and practical skills to work in laboratory research or industrial science settings.

Course Overview
Year 1

Unit 1: Fundamentals of Science.
Unit 2: Working in the Science Industry.
Unit 4: Scientific Practical Techniques.
Students complete the above mandatory units which cover concepts such as energy, chemical reactions and the structure and role of cells. We also look at aspects of working in the science industry and key practical techniques.

Year 2

Unit 11: Physiology of Human Body Systems.
Unit 13: Biochemistry and Biochemical Techniques.
Unit 15: Microbiological Techniques.
There are specialist units in biology, covering topics such as microbiology, physiology and biochemistry. These topics allow the development of the maths skills needed to be a proficient scientific researcher.


University; higher BTEC courses.


Biomedical sciences; nursing; microbiology; physiotherapy.

It's really practical and has given me valuable skills for university. I have been offered a place at Swansea university thanks to the course.


Key Facts

Qualification type:


Additional entry requirements:

Science grade B or BTEC Merit or above C grade in English


Teacher marked and externally moderated.

Opportunities for work-related activities:

Visit to Bristol Chemistry Labs, Guest speakers in microbiology and neuroscience.


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