Further Mathematics

Want to take Mathematics, Engineering, the sciences or economics at degree level? This course puts you ahead of the rest! Delve deeper into Maths concepts & solve problems that you didn't know existed.

Course Overview
Year 1

The qualification is both deeper and broader than A level mathematics. AS and A level further mathematics build from GCSE level and AS and A level mathematics. As well as building on algebra and calculus introduced in A level mathematics, the A level further mathematics core content introduces complex numbers and matrices, fundamental mathematical ideas with wide applications in mathematics, engineering, physical sciences and computing. The non-core content includes different options that can enable students to specialise in areas of mathematics that are particularly relevant to their interests and future aspirations.

A level further mathematics prepares students for further study and employment in highly mathematical disciplines that require knowledge and understanding of sophisticated mathematical ideas and techniques.

All of the A level content will be examined at the end of the course.

Year 2

BSc Mathematics either on its own or with a myriad of choices of minors including: computing, education, engineering, robotics and statistics.


Actuary; accountant; aeronautical engineer; financial risk analyst; investment analyst; investment banker; meteorologist; operational researcher; research scientist; statistician; systems developer; teacher.

Understand the importance of mathematics; solve problems as part of an astounding fusion of the highest achieving mathematicians & inspirational teachers from across the CLF.

Key Facts

Qualification type:

A Level

Additional entry requirements:

Grade 7 or above in GCSE Mathematics. You must take A level Maths.


100% Examination, marked externally.

Opportunities for work-related activities:

Pure and applied university taster sessions. Engineering, Robotics and Statistics days. Operational research study including the chance to enter national competitions.


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