History is about people and people are complex, fascinating and frustrating. History A Level is intriguing, inspiring, alarming, heartening and disturbing. Choose History A Level to learn the story of progress and civilisation as well as catastrophe and inhumanity.

Course Overview
Year 1

Paper 1: Study in breadth with interpretations –  Germany and West Germany 1918-89

  • Political and Governmental change, 1918-89
  • Opposition, control and consent, 1918-89
  • Economic development and policies, 1918-89
  • Aspects of life in Germany and West Germany 1919-89
  • How far was Hitler responsible for the Second World War

Paper 2: Study in depth -  The rise and Fall of fascism in Italy, 1911-46

  • The liberal state, 1911-18
  • The rise of Mussolini and the creation of a fascist dictatorship 1919-26
  • The fascist state, 1925-40
  • Challenges to and the fall of the fascist state, 1935-46
Year 2

Paper 3 – Breadth and depth – The British Experience of Warfare, 1790-1918

  • Britain and the French Wars 1793-1815
  • The Crimean War 1854-56
  • The Second Boer War 1899-1902
  • Trench Warfare on the Western Front 1914-18
  • The War in the air 1914-18

Coursework – Interpretations of The Cold War: The purpose of this coursework is to enable students to develop skills in the analysis and evaluation of interpretations of history. They will specifically evaluate the interpretations of 3 historians on an aspect of the Cold War.


University degree in History. These require you to research, analyse and critique information. Common degrees for history students include history, politics, law, economics and sociology.


Solicitor; journalist; archivist; teacher; historian; politician and accountant.

My History course has given me the great opportunity to investigate and form my own opinions about the past.

Year 13 student

Key Facts

Qualification type:

A Level

Additional entry requirements:

Grade B in History & English


3 Written Examinations at the end of Year 2.

Paper 1 – 30% of the A Level. 2 hours & 15 mins.

Paper 2 – 20% of the A Level. 1 hour & 30 mins.

Paper 3 – 30% of the A Level. 2 hours & 15 mins.

Opportunities for work-related activities:
Conference at the University of Bristol where students attend lectures on specialist topics.

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