Do you enjoy algebra? Do you find this:


interesting while others are terrified of it? If yes, A Level Maths is for you!

Course Overview
Year 1

A level mathematics builds from GCSE level mathematics and introduces calculus and its applications. It emphasises how mathematical ideas are interconnected and how mathematics can be applied to model situations mathematically using algebra and other representations, to help make sense of data, to understand the physical world and to solve problems in a variety of contexts, including social sciences and business. It prepares students for further study and employment in a wide range of disciplines involving the use of mathematics.

New A levels in mathematics will be taught from September 2017. All of the A level content will be examined at the end of the course. AS and A levels have been de-coupled so that, while students can sit an AS level halfway through the two-year course the grade awarded at AS will not be counted towards the full A level grade. AS level qualification will carry UCAS points as long as the full A level is not awarded. The subject content for both A level Mathematics and AS level Mathematics is 100% prescribed by the DfE. See the Mathematics content for full details.

Year 2

You need to complete A Level Maths to do the following BSc degrees; mathematics; statistics; computer science; physics; accountancy and engineering. It is also considered a 'facilitating subject' for many other degrees.


Accountancy/finance; engineering; air traffic controller; architect and computer scientist.

Maths is interesting as you are constantly learning something new and maths is in everything so it is a really important course for my future.

Liam, student

Key Facts

Qualification type:

A Level

Additional entry requirements:

B-A* in GCSE Mathematics


100% examination.

Opportunities for work-related activities:

'Women in Engineering', robotics, statistics and mechanics taster sessions. 'Maths Inspiration' at the Bristol Hippodrome.


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