Financial Studies

CeFS - IFS Level 3 certificate


The financially related content from studying this course serves as a strong grounding for undergraduate study within finance and business related disciplines, with many students going on to study accounting, business, finance and banking.

Year 1

Certificate in Financial Studies:

Unit 1: Financial Capability for the Immediate and Short Term
Unit 2: Financial Capability for the Medium and Long Term.

Year 2

Diploma in Financial Studies:

Unit 3: Sustainability of an Individual’s Finances
Unit 4: Sustainability and the Financial Services System


The Certificate in Financial Studies (CeFS) provides an in-depth exploration of the core disciplines of financial management. Students are encouraged to become responsible borrowers and sensible savers, and to appreciate the need for financial planning throughout their life. It gives students an understanding of the threats to personal financial well-being and the skills to investigate, evaluate, plan and make financial decisions to achieve long-term financial stability.


BSc (Hons): Banking practice and management; finance and accounting for financial services; finance, investment and risk; business, enterprise and finance; politics, finance and economics.


Business and financial sectors.

Additional Entry Requirements

GCSE Maths and English grade 4 or above.


All units are assessed through external exams.

Opportunities for work related activities

Visit to banks and other financial institutions. Understanding how the economy, banks and the financial sector affect jobs, interest rates and inflation.