Health and Social Care

Cambridge Technical Diploma (Level 2)


You will study eight units that are 100% coursework based, internally marked and externally moderated. The topics for these units are:

  • Communication in health and social care
  • Individual rights in health and social care
  • Individual needs in health and social care
  • Ensuring safe environments in health and social care
  • Human lifespan development
  • Health and social care services
  • The impact of diet on health
  • Creative and therapeutic activities in HSC


The health and social care sector employs vast numbers of people across the country within a varied range of job roles with the workforce totalling around 3 million people. Many careers involve meeting the needs of people and, with this in mind, this course in Health and Social Care offers a wide range of units.
As a student of Health and Social Care level 2, you will develop your intellectual, interpersonal, self monitoring and critical thinking capabilities through a varied and personalised curriculum. The transferable skills that universities value and ones you will develop over the year will be:

1. The ability to learn independently
2. The ability to research actively and methodically
3. Being able to give presentations and being an active group member
4. Collaborate within the local community during work experience placements

This one year course is for learners who are interested in learning about the health and social care sector as part of a balanced study programme in order to progress onto a level 3 course.


This qualification is an ideal foundation for students wanting to progress onto a level 3 course.

Additional Entry Requirements

Although there are no formal entry requirements, the qualification supports progression from GCSE subjects and will equip you fully for progression onto a level 3 course.

Opportunities for work related activities

Visiting professionals, guest speakers and work experience placements.