CLF P16 Induction day

On Friday the 2nd September, Hundreds of new students and hundreds of returning students were welcomed into the CLF P16 with an exciting induction day at City Academy Bristol. 

The day consisted of key orientation information, a wide variety of teambuilding activities faultlessly organised by the British Army, and opportunities for students to socialise and select from a wide range of extra curricular opportunities for their ongoing education in CLF Post 16.  The day culminated in a range of sports opportunities, and students made the most of these opportunities. 

Highlights of the day included some blisteringly quick climbing, some determined assault course mastering, and fantastic team work (accompanied by some impressive shouting) during the tug of war.  Whilst the weather was less than ideal, it was great to see so many students getting to know each other and working together at the beginning of another chapter in their future success




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