Performing Arts

BTEC Dance (Angels Dance Academy)


Year 1

BTEC Nationals are highly practical courses that are based on realistic workshop situations and tasks. Our students learn by completing assignments that develop transferable skills which universities value. From research projects, contextual understanding to live performances to an audience. Year 1 will give you the opportunity to create your own innovative urban dance choreography for live events, engage in technique and style classes and expand your knowledge of the performing arts industry.

Year 2

You will experience life as a choreographer and director. Master in a wider variety of dance styles, techniques and performance skills and discover how to collaborate structured and improvised choreography. Don’t be afraid to express yourself on stage- as every practical unit gives you the chance to perform to an audience.


Dance – This Performing Arts discipline gives the learner the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. The course allows and encourages the learner to explore all styles of dance and a vast variety of practitioners from all genres.

Throughout the course learners will either be responding to a given stimulus or setting their own. Learners are unrestricted in the delivery of their response and will be supported to develop creativity, imagination, musicality and style.

Improvisation, Choreography for Live Performance, Final Live Performance to an Audience, Jazz Dance Technique, Contemporary Dance Technique and Street & Urban Dance Technique are just a few of the units explored in order to spark and enhance originality and imagination.

Alongside the development of skill and technique, learners will regularly self-evaluate, set targets and analyse the works of other practitioners.


Our performers usually wish to continue studying Urban Dance at degree level. We highly recommend and prepare our students for University of East London (UEL) to study Urban Dance. We also have students who enrol in other areas within the performance industry.


Performer; teaching; choreographer; or directing.

Additional Entry Requirements

Dance GCSE, BTEC L2, or any performing experience. Although experience is not essential, we are looking for students with passion and drive to perform.


Diploma – 1 year: 8 units = 2 A Levels. 6 Mandatory units 3 of which are externally assessed.

Extended Diploma – 2 year: 13 units = 3 A-Levels. 7 Mandatory units, 4 of which are externally assessed.

Opportunities for work related activities

Teaching dance in primary schools, working alongside Angels Dance Academy.