A Level


Qualification Type

A Level

Additional Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in English and Science, 4 in Maths


Previous exams

Opportunities for Work Related Activities

Zoo visit: Animal observation and behavioural talk
Mental health Museum: Straight jackets and padded cells!
Discover why humans think and behave the way that they do. Study some of the most pioneering pieces of research into human behaviour, early social development and the secrets behind what drives all of our actions.

Course Overview

Includes units such as:
Early Social Development: Attachment, affects of disrupted attachment, day care.
Abnormality: Definitions of abnormality, biological and psychological approaches and treatments.
Forensic psychology: Problems in defining crime, Ways of measuring crime, Offender profiling, Biological explanations & Psychological explanations of offender behaviour, dealing with offending behaviour.
Schizophrenia: Biological and psychological explanations for the condition and therapies.
Relationships: The evolutionary explanations for partner preferences, Factors affecting attraction in romantic relationships, Theories of romantic relationships, Virtual relationships in social media: Parasocial relationships.


BSc (Hons) Psychology degree; BSc Psychology with sociology/law/criminology/counselling/mental health nursing/social work/teaching


Clinical/educational/occupational psychologist; counsellor; teacher; lecturer; social worker; youth counsellor; music therapist/mental health nursing/social work/teaching/human resources/police