Academic Success

2017/18 was the most successful in the history of CLF Post 16, with students and staff celebrating record-breaking results. Over 20% of all grades achieved were A*-A, while the figure rose to 40% for A*-B, ensuring positive value added was achieved and students were able to secure their desired destination at the end of their studies. 

 These results are a testament to the hard work and efforts that have gone into developing CLF Post 16 since it opened in 2010. We are proud to be a centre that enables all students to achieve great success, regardless of circumstance or need, and our results are a reflection on the dedication of our staff and students alike. 

 A word from the Principal…

There were success stories across the centre with students using their fantastic outcomes to achieve their desired destination, whether that be attending one of the country’s leading universities or embarking on a meaningful career or apprenticeship. 

Michalis Fragopulos achieved an incredible 3 A*’s and a further A to secure his place at Oxford University where he is studying Physics. Jess Knight’s A*, A, A, B ensured that she was able to accept an offer to study Medicine at UCL, and Mounir Habelhames received 4 A’s to study Computing at the University of Bristol. Elsewhere, Shania Uzzell has taken the first steps towards entering the legal professional by studying Law at the University of Bristol after receiving A*, A, A, and Velvet Jones is reading History at the University of Birmingham after also achieving A*, A, A.  

These represent just a fraction of the successes celebrated by CLF Post 16 students in 2017 and our former students can now be found in top universities and employers across the country. 


Not all CLF Post 16 students aspire to attend university and 2016/17 once again saw a diverse range of destinations achieved. Dan Moorehead and Dan Weakley are currently honing their engineering skills in apprenticeships at GKM Aerospace and the Ministry of Defence respectively. Sophie Sawyers meanwhile, was able to secure a highly competitive job in preschool education and Quaid Sheppard, one of our budding thespians, is currently with the Bristol Old Vic.    

There were success stories across our provision but students in Music, Philosophy and Ethics, Business, Travel & Tourism, Finance, Geography, English Language and Art & Design did particularly well achieving, on average, at least one grade higher than their target. This is an outstanding achievement by all, and one that we are proud to be celebrating together.  

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One of the common reasons for choosing to study at CLF Post 16 is our broad and balanced curriculum, which offers students the chance to study a range of vocational qualifications rather than simply having to follow a traditionally academic pathway. In 2016/17 our vocational curriculum outcomes were outstanding, with positive value added and record numbers of Distinction*’s and Distinction’s achieved by students in subjects including Business, Health & Social Care, Performing Arts and Sport. 

Academic Support

Our committed and inspirational staff were instrumental in securing these successes, ensuring that our students were fully supported at every step of their Post 16 journey. Revision sessions ran across the school holidays and terms 5 and 6 featured a full suite of subject specific masterclasses. Take up from students for these sessions was fantastic and a reflection of the close working relationship that we have established between staff and students. Such commitment to supporting students in their endeavours is at the heart of what we aim to do at CLF Post 16 and is one of the reasons that we are so successful. 

Higher Attaining Pupils (HAP)

We also look to support students in a variety of other ways. Our HAP (Higher Attaining Pupil) programme is tailored to students that join us having previously been identified as high attaining, and ensures that they are challenged to achieve their rich potential through a specific mentoring programme, the use of action plans and opportunities to work with higher education institutions.

Learning Support

We recognise that many students have specific learning needs and offer a variety of support programmes to ensure that any barriers to success are removed. Extra literacy support is available for those students that speak English as an additional language, one-on-one mentoring is offered to students and in-lesson support is available from our experienced learning support team.  

Assessment structure

Following changes to the way that Post 16 education is assessed, in the main, we have moved to linear assessment, whereby in most subjects, students sit their exams at the end of the two-year course. This approach allows subject specialists to maximise the teaching time and ensures that students are fully prepared for their exams. 

However, we understand that in some instances it can be beneficial to enter students for AS examinations at the end of the first year of their studies. This decision may be made for a number of reasons, whether it be to test knowledge and understanding or to secure additional qualifications before a change of pathway. It is this flexible and personalised approach to provision that allows CLF Post 16 to support students and safeguard their eventual outcomes in all cases