Engineering Education Scheme

The Engineering Education Scheme is a 6 month EDT Programme which links teams of six Year 12 students and their teacher with local companies where they work on real, scientific, engineering and technology projects.  Students will be working together to complete the 6 month STEM project in teams of up to 6 students, together with support from their teachers and a supporting company STEM mentor.

Can I take part?

Ideally you should be studying AS level Maths or Further Maths, preferably with a science and/or technology subject such as Engineering.  You should also have a genuine interest in science, engineering or technology, or a serious desire to discover more about it, and be able to work effectively as part of a team.

Complementary subjects such as Business Studies, Economics, IT and a foreign language are also valuable.

The selection process

As there are only six places available, we ask students to apply and provide answers to the following questions:

  • What first sparked your interest in engineering?
  • Describe an engineering project you have worked on. What was its purpose?  Was it successful?  On reflection, would you change anything?
  • If you have not previously worked on an engineering project, describe and explain a piece of engineering that has inspired you.

What happens in the programme?

The project will require about 100 hours from you in total, which works out about 2-3 hours a week, in addition to the time spent at the university Residential Workshop – so please be prepared to devote time to it!

All teams will attend a launch event where they will meet their STEM mentor and be introduced to their potential project.  Over the 6 months the project runs, teams will work to solve the challenges set to them. Teams will also attend a residential workshop at the University of Bath midway through their project, where facilities will be available to manufacture models and prototypes. This enables teams to provide ‘proof-of-concept’ for their ideas.

At the end of the 6 months there will be a Celebration and Assessment Day where students will:

  • Exhibit their project work;
  • Deliver a comprehensive 15 minute presentation of their solution to a team of assessors;
  • Respond to 10 – 15 of minutes detailed questioning by the assessing panels.

Benefits of the programme

  • Opportunity to apply P16 studies within a practical context
  • Work related learning focussed on innovation and enterprise
  • Experience university life and gain a greater awareness of possible career opportunities
  • Opportunity to meet professional and graduate engineers, scientists and technologists from a variety of engineering projects, highlighting the multi-disciplinary nature of engineering
  • Experience of teamwork, interviews, presentations, project management and writing technical reports
  • Opportunity to apply for BA Crest Award at Gold Standard
  • Gain Industrial Cadets Gold accreditation

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