A Level


Social issues and trends – AS
Political and artistic culture – A2

Year 1

Introduction to reading and listening skills developed through theme-related texts and materials plus the study of a film.
Framework for developing:

  • vocabulary
  • comprehension skills
  • essay-writing skills in the context of the chosen work
  • speaking skills
  • translation skills both from and into the target language.

Year 2

Practice in:

  • speaking
  • comprehension skills
  • transfer of meaning skills linked to the themes in the second-year programme.

This will provide the framework for the study of the second cultural work, the essay-writing assessment and the independent project research.


As a student of Spanish you will play an active role in the world in which you live and master the language of Spanish. Culturally you will form and express opinions, but also be able to understand those of others and from where their viewpoints arise. By providing an immersive language that evokes passion, cultural awareness and communication skills it will allow you to access the wider world. The course will help to create learners that are resilient, open-minded, empowered to communicate in reading, listening, writing, translation and speaking with self-agency.


BA degree in Modern Languages; combined courses such as Spanish with Politics; Spanish with international management; with tourism, etc.


Journalist; interpreter; publisher; teacher; translator; tour guide; diplomat; banker; buyer; job in industry.

Additional Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in Spanish.


Paper 1: Listening, reading and writing 50% of A-level
Paper 2: Writing 20% of A-level
Paper 3: Speaking 30% of A-level

Opportunities for work related activities

Visits to universities and Spanish Exchange Programmes.